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Delicates Closet Organizer

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Delicates Closet Organizer

The sheer pleasure of having a clean closet is embodied in this delicates organizing box. You'll have the pleasure of looking into a delicates drawer that presents everything you need in a beautiful pastel box. With varying sizes and lids, these boxes are stackable, beautiful, and what every closet organizer needs.

Type: Storage Boxes & Bins

Lattice Quantity: 15

Material: Plastic

Capacity: 12L

Shape: Rectangle

Specification: 1 grid /3/5/ 10 grid / 15 grid

1 Grid Size: 30*23*12cm

10 Grid Size: 29.5*23*8 cm

15 Grid Size: 29.5*23*8 cm

Cover Size: 29.5*23.4

Color: white, pink, gray, apricot

Style: Nordic style